” I cannot emphasise enough how helpful being able to access regular massages has been. I work in a very stressful context where I have to help others with their distress: the massages have allowed me to tune into my own body and to help me take care of myself.”
HR Manager, London

“Deborah is a beautiful, sensitive and spiritual masseuse who has lifted me out of many a doldrum over the past few years. I can wholeheartedly recommend her both as a lovely person and great masseuse who has combined the art of giving great healing with her massage.”
Val, Complementary Health Therapist

“I have had many massages and I am very selective about who I receive massage from these days. Deborah is one of very few people who I would recommend very highly. For me, her gentle yet deep and flowing massage combined with energy work is perfect.”

Richard, Company Director

“Regular massage has significantly reduced the severity and frequency of the headaches I used to experience. I have less pain in my shoulders, neck and back, and therefore sleep better and find that at times of stress (not infrequent in health care) that regular massage helps me to manage this stress more effectively.”
Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“I have really enjoyed having massages from Deborah. I was so lucky to find her and have really benefited from regular massages. It has helped me both physically and mentally and I always come out of a session feeling very refreshed and relaxed. I was doubly lucky to have found Deborah before I became pregnant as she is expert in pregnancy massage too! I always feel comfortable and really enjoy and benefit from her lovely manner and expert massage!”
Seonaid, September 2011

“Deborah’s wealth of experience is evident from the quality of the massage service she provides. I have found that
regular deep tissue massage has enabled me to manage chronic pain. She confidently and sensitively delivers a wide range of techniques
that ease tension and relieve pain providing me with an improved sense of well-being.”
Sarah, London

“Deborah is a fantastically talented masseuse and I have been enjoying and benefiting from her treatments for the past 10 years. She is very well qualified, professional, focused and intuitive. She has a real talent for drawing upon a wide range of techniques to support and promote the health of her client. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending her to anyone who is looking for high quality massage therapy.”
School Teacher, London

“I began seeing Deborah when I was 28 weeks pregnant after a long haul flight left me with a bad back. I continued to see Deborah
on a weekly basis for the remainder of my pregnancy during which time my back pain was completely alleviated. Deborah’s sessions were also a great source of relief for the symphysis pubic dysfunction I developed.  I always walked away from sessions with Deborah feeling relaxed,rejuvenated and ready to face another week at work. I can’t imagine having gotten through my pregnancy without my weekly visits to Deborah
and can’t recommend her many skills enough.”
Amber, London

“Deborah massaged me from the end of my first trimester until six months after the birth of my daughter. She is a highly skilled, empathetic and caring massage therapist, who I felt completely safe with. Sessions with her were relaxing and wonderful and I highly recommend her to my friends.”

Soraya, Brighton